Indy Zoo - Orangutan Exhibit

A live feed of the Orangutan Exhibit construction progress is available at the Indianapolis Zoo webcam

After 5 years of design, reinvention, re-programming, and redesign (see sample images of the many design iterations in .work ), the Indy GAEX a.k.a  International Orangutan Center, broke ground and is currently under construction (CA by BDMD.)

Photos of initial concrete casts and lower steel frame are listed below. You can hear the delightfully inspired and adventurous Indy Zoo client team talk about the building and its aspirations here


Promise Dental - construction progress report

One week away from completion, the Promise dental live-work space has flooring + ceiling + lighting + loft level glass in. All lights were changed to LEDs or daylight white e.-efficient bulbs (natural daylight in work rooms), because no shade of yellow belongs in a dentist office.  The lower level registration desk was a V.E.-compromise from its original design @ 4x the price, since we had to dig for + install a 440v power cable last minute, while staying in budget and timeline.

[note: the black padding on the floor is a temporary during-construction measure]